I've been a gamer ever since I was young when my grandfather and I would go to the arcade and play video games. Now, I mostly play World of Warcraft because of the graphics. Other MMO can't compete but I keep hoping. It's been on my mind to develop my own.

I started multiboxing many years ago because it created more of a challenge to whatever game I was playing. I have been using ISBoxer since whenever I felt the urge to turn my online gaming experience into something way better than what it was after leaving D2 back in the day for TBC World of Warcraft xpac.

Reliability was the biggest factor, knowing I can count on myself on getting whatever done, and not having to deal with 10-year-old little kids crying over PVP happening on a PVP server, doing old content raids within WoW or whatever it may be. =)

I do enjoy playing one toon, interacting with others here on Twitch ensuring we all kick back and enjoy one another's company! 

A lot have asked one question, "Why to play five at a time when you have many more accounts?" Simple enough, I love to level in groups of fives and learn new things every time I'm on my teams.

Currently Multiboxing:

WoW Classic