QUESTION: Do you care if I talk to you about another streamer/stream?

ANSWER: One answer for you and all: NO DRAMA in this channel, no talking about someone specifically and defaming them! If so you'll be banned on site!

QUESTION: What is Multi-Boxing?


QUESTION: How can I learn about ISBoxer?


QUESTION: How come you don't answer my question in stream or in-game right away????

ANSWER: I'm a multiboxer, not a multi-tasker... Huge difference there... (j/k) I keep attention to the game moreover than anything else when in gameplay.

QUESTION: Can I troll on your channel?

ANSWER: You can do that in another stream, the folks here including myself don't need to tolerate your failures in life.

QUESTION: How long have you played WoW?

ANSWER: July 27, 2006

QUESTION: Why did you roll out alliance?

ANSWER: Why are there two factions in the game?