ZTJ16R10 Iridium Long Life (Gm) Spark Plug

ZTJ16R10 Iridium Long Life (Gm) Spark Plug

Iridium Long Life – Patented Iridium Alloy Plug (90% Ir) with Platinum Ground Strap Product Features:Iridium Long Life – Patented Iridium Alloy Plug (90% Ir) with Platinum Ground Strap100% pre-fired to assure high qualityCopper-glass seal bonds the center electrode and insulator together for a gas-tight seal; maintains proper heat and excludes hot combustion gasesPurified alumina powder insulator provides exceptional dielectric strength and thermal conductivity, allowing the material to stand up to extreme stress

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awsum picture…….
By burlington_rc on 2008-12-16 22:42:44
Even though RC Boats are not traditionally as popular as cars, trucks and planes they have a very devote following. And just like all remote controlled products, there is a lot to take in before jumping into RC boats.

First, let’s look at the variety of shapes. This is the size and shape of the hull specifically. That shape defines the boat and its overall performance in the water.

Here are the five shapes that Remote Control Boats come in:

Deep V’s – Historically the most popular of RC boats, the Deep V’s capture top speed time and again. So named because of the V shape hull, this shape allows the boat to absorb an exorbitant amount of impact from big waves in choppy waters. When you are driving this type of boat, the nose of the hull is well out of the water.

Catamarans – These are the two sponsons rc boats you see with off-shore race boats. They have incredible stability because of the two separate point of contact with the water. However, this design does increase drag and cannot hit top speeds.

Hydroplanes – Just as the name suggests, hydroplanes skim across the water. They go so quickly, and are so technical in nature they are often referred to as the “Formula One of RC Boating.”

Sailboats – Just like their real world counterparts, sailboats are not pushed by an engine. Remote Control sailboats are all about the direction and length of the sail, a highly advanced skill. RC Sailboats are by far the slowest and most relaxing boat out there.

Mini’s – A great introduction to the world of RC boating. You can use these guys in smaller areas, maybe even a pool. Most mini’s are available as RTR (ready to race) so they require virtually no preparation to get them out in the water.

You probably already have an idea of the shape rc boat you are going to use. What about how it is powered? Let’s look at the different fuel choices:

Gasoline powered – Similar to what you would use with a weed whacker, RC boats can run off a gasoline and oil mixture. This can be convenient, inexpensive and make a very authentic atmosphere. Remember that gasoline powered boats will have a very realistic sound as the engine is roared.

Electric powered – Sometimes you are going to want to put your boat somewhere with noise ordinances. In this instance, gasoline powered boats are not a good option. In order to have the same experience but without all the noise, many people prefer electric powered boats. Also, consider the joy of simply plugging in your boat overnight and enjoying it the next day.

Nitro Powered – This can be found at your local hobby store. This will cost a bit more, but will be worth it since you won’t have to mix gas and oil together yourself. It’s also just an all around safer option.

These are just two major components to buying RC boats. Once you find a combination you love, you will enjoy all the different models that come with those specs.

Mike brake is owner/operator of http://www.gohobbies.com and is an expert in RC Boats

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